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Knightly News Submission Q&A

Knightly News is the Robinson monthly online school newsletter.

Who can submit material to Knightly News?

Content is submitted by the administration, designated liaisons, and leaders from PTSA,  RIBLI,   the CUBE, Robinson Foundation, RHS programs, and all school sanctioned clubs, organizations, and athletic groups.   If you have questions regarding authorization to submit information, contact us at


What kind of material should can be submitted to Knightly News?

Knightly News is intended for brief and timely announcements (100 words or less) pertaining to Robinson High School-related activities, events and student news.  We can link to a webpage or separate document for additional information. 


In what format should my announcement be submitted?

Send your content in the body of your email or in a separate editable document (Word).  All announcements are subject to editing and approval by our Knightly News staff and RHS administration. 


When and where should material be submitted for Knightly News?

Submit your announcement by the last Wednesday of every month for publishing on the first Monday of every month.  Email submissions to


Can I edit or make changes to my announcement once it is submitted?

Once the newsletter is submitted for proofreading, it is closed to changes and additions.  This timing will vary. 


Where can I read Knightly News? 

The current publication and past editions are on the PTSA website,  We distribute Knightly News through Constant Contact (an online free subscription service) and Peachjar (our school communications platform).  It is delivered to your email address.  You can sign up for both options at our website,   Please note that Constant Contact cannot email to military addresses. 


How do I sign up to receive Knightly News?

If you are a registered school family, you will receive Knightly News through Peachjar.  Or go to and join our Knightly News mailing list. 


How can I get involved in the Knightly News production?

If you would like to volunteer to help with this publication or any of our marketing committees, email